‘Feeling Under The Weather’

One day this week – I felt ‘under the weather’ for some reason.

I love these expressions that we use in our language – and am always curious to find out where they originated from.

Apparently – the phrase – ‘under the weather’ – was used when the weather became bad at sea – and the crew and travellers would go below deck down to their cabins – to ride out the storm – and hopefully avoid being seasick – literally going ‘under the weather’.

It was hard to figure out why – I was feeling this way – I guess it was my bodies way of telling me to rest – and I can understand that – but it was also the way that I felt emotionally – that took me by surprise.

Nothing untoward had happened – I simply felt – ‘off kilter’ – and found it difficult to rise above it.

So – I did the only thing I could do – and that was to ‘give in’ – to cease from struggling – and even stop trying to figure out the ‘why?’

I love this quote here – “Can I just put an out of order sign on my forehead – and call it a day” – and in a sense that’s what I did.

I confess that more often than not I try to struggle on – yet it’s not always the wisest thing to do – and it really is amazing that my body will let me know in one way or the other – and I am wise to stop and listen.

I’ve been busy in the garden these last few weeks – being amazed afresh – at how the plants and flowers come to life again – showing their blooms – after a winter of rest – as someone said – “There is nothing in nature that blooms all year long – so don’t expect yourself to do so either” – nature – as always – has much to teach me,

So once again – I learn. So much is simply there for me to draw from – I am truly ‘fearfully and wonderfully made’ – and my mind and body can let me know what each one needs as I journey on – just as my spirit guides me on my spiritual journey too.

So I seek to remain open – to listen – to be willing to adjust my life – in all areas – even if at times that means that I – ‘go below decks’ – while I ‘weather the storm.’

Blessings – Lois

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  1. Some great lessons here Lois. I love that idea of not blooming all year round – I know it, but it captures it in a really easy way. And thanks for telling me where that phrase came from!


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