‘I Am My Own Gardener’

How I have enjoyed getting out into the garden – it makes my heart sing – and brings joy to my soul.

I would never say that I am a ‘true gardener’ – my knowledge of plants is limited – and my methods of gardening would probably horrify many a true gardener – but I love learning in my own way – and finding out just what works in the spaces that I have.

I am my own gardener -so – many plants get moved around – as I seek to find the best place for them – allowing them the environment – and setting that they need – and allowing space for other plants to grow. I cut back – as and when it pleases me – and am always amazed at the resilience of the plants – as they continue to grow and thrive – I love this quote – “There are no gardening mistakes – only experiments”

As always – I love the lessons that the garden can teach me.

And so – I seek to apply some of those lessons to my life – and if a flower is not flourishing – I would change the environment where it grows – “When a flower doesn’t bloom – you fix the environment in which it grows – not the flower” – so – there are times when I need to fix the environment that I am in – maybe – uproot myself – to allow myself to grow more freely -and find the best position for me to thrive.

As plants and flowers have their own seasons – so do we – and the season I am in – will so often vary from the season of someone else – and that is how life simply is.

My rate of growth will be different – and I don’t bloom in the same way – but this is what makes me unique -and therefore I plant my own ‘life garden’ – and as this lovely quote says – ‘I decorate my own soul – “I don’t wait for someone to bring me flowers – but plant my own garden – and decorate my own soul”

As I tend the garden of my life – I allow myself those times of rest – of inactivity – much as the plants in my garden – time to replenish – to be renewed and restored – ready to bloom again – when the right season is upon me.

I am my own gardener – and need to take care of myself – understanding how unique I am – what I need to help me to blossom and bloom – being willing to reposition myself – to cut back that which would stop my growth – and allow myself to be – “My own kind of beautiful”

Blessings – Lois

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  1. A lovely post Lois, I enjoyed the descriptions of your actual gardening as well as your spiritual gardening!


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