‘Being vulnerable ‘

We have just witnessed a very historic event – that of the coronation of King Charles III – and I loved watching all the pomp – the colourful parades – and all that proceeded the arrival at the Abbey.

During the crowning ceremony – I found it so fascinating – to follow all the rituals involved – many dating from hundreds of years ago.

Amidst it all however – there was just one moment – that for me stood out – and that was the moment when the king was anointed. This anointing is the most sacred part of the coronation – and during this time screens are used – to ensure that the king has privacy – as he comes before God to be anointed to serve.

Not only that – but he also kneels before the alter – divest of his royal garments – and clad only in a simple white tunic and smart trousers – an action intended to symbolise the giving up of his status before God – and in doing so – allowing himself to be vulnerable – in the eyes of all who witnessed this moment.

I find that this actually speaks to me – of life – so much of it lived – ‘dressed’ – almost – ‘playing a part’ – ‘fulfilling a role’ – yet – as I come before God – I come as I am – just – ‘me’ – open – vulnerable – honest.

And – as I think on all this – it emphasises yet again – the desire to take off the ‘robes’ that I have worn – lay down the ‘status’ of who I am – and allow others to see the real ‘me’ – no pretence – no ‘acting a role’ – but simply and honestly – me.

I love this quote : “The courage to be vulnerable means – to show up and be seen – to ask for what you need – to talk about what you are feeling – to have hard conversations”

I have to say that my natural tendency is more to avoid these things – such as asking for what I need – talking about what I am feeling – and even daring to have those hard conversation. Yet – to be honest – open – and vulnerable I need to be willing to do them.

I guess that – by seeking to be honest here in my blog posts – I am finding the courage – and I am so grateful for those of you who not only read my posts – but comment – and encourage me – you give me the strength that I need – to carry on – being true to myself – and to others too.

Blessings – Lois

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