‘Asking The Questions’

Never has it been so easy – to ask questions. Many times during conversations around the family dinner table – a question will crop up – relating to whatever topic it is that is being discussed – and so – the internet is consulted – possibly then followed by further discussion – depending on the information we gleaned.

I often use the internet – to ask questions about the plants and flowers in my garden. If I didn’t ask the question – then I would in all probability – have already cut off all the leaves from my spring flowers – not understanding – that all the goodness from the leaves – needs to be allowed to feed the bulbs – if I want a further crop of lovely flowers next spring.

Our son – who works in a school – is always very keen – to make sure that the children he is teaching – question – and understand the ‘why’.

He helps children who often struggle with the basic understanding of number – and without them understanding simply – ‘why’ numbers work the way they do with each other – they struggle with even the basic ‘how’ of addition – subtraction – etc. As someone once said – “When the why is clear – the how is easy”

I love it when I am encouraged to ask the ‘why’ – to maybe even dare to question some of the things I have always believed – to talk – to listen – to question and explore – and maybe come to greater understanding – that there is so much more to discover – and that it’s ok – to ask the questions.

Jesus Himself encourages us – to – “Ask – Seek – Knock” – and – as I open myself up – become willing to let go of my limited understanding of God – I begin to recognise that there is so much more – He is – so much more.

Asking the questions – also includes – for me – so much pertaining to my life – and as I have paused – stepped back from the ‘routine’ of my life – I ask myself more and more – questions such as – ‘does this help me to be the person I was made to be?’ – ‘is this helping me be true to myself?’ – ‘does this allow me to be authentic?’ – and so on.

I came across this interesting quote – “Life is like a question paper – people fail because they try to copy others answers – not knowing that everyone has a different paper” – I love that – for how true it is that we are all individuals – with different questions – and we need to ask – and – answer those questions for ourselves – also recognising that others will have questions of their own – questions which they have to answer for themselves as well.

More and more I recognise just how important it is to continue to ask my questions – here’s a quote from Albert Einstein – a famous physicist – who always asked the questions – “The important thing is – to never stop asking questions” – and so – my questions will continue – whether they be small questions – or large ones – they will be my questions – and I will enjoy finding the answers.

Blessings – Lois

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  1. I think a life without curiosity is a life without joy or purpose, but I like the idea of us all having our individual questions.

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