‘A Recommendation’

Although I don’t spend a great amount of time on social media – I have recently begun to follow a select few – especially on Instagram – one of them being Charlie Mackesy – who posts wonderful drawings – of his four unique characters – the boy – the horse – the mole and the fox – accompanied by words of wisdom and encouragement.

Only the other day this quote of his resonated with me – “Sometimes I feel I haven’t done much – said the boy – You’ve got up and carried on – said the horse – which is brave and magnificent”

It’s so easy for me to feel that I haven’t done much – getting older – and restricted in many areas – as to how much I can physically do – it’s easy to overlook – or simply not recognise – that just getting up – and carrying on – is brave and magnificent.

But – more significant – than simply the encouragement that quote gave to me – was in the reading of some of the comments – sent by many people – all of whom had been touched in some way – encouraged to carry on – in the midst of extremely difficult circumstances.

Charlie was recently encouraged to published a book – ” The Boy, The Mole, The Fox and The Horse” – using many of his unique sketches – with the accompanying quotes – – and people have found it has given them a balm and an uplift. I highly recommend this book to anyone who hasn’t yet come across it.

One lady wrote that she was given the book when she was half-way through 15 rounds of chemotherapy treatment for breast cancer. She says – ‘It was so refreshingly simple, uncomplicated and fresh – and continues to help me on my healing journey – it has given me strength, encouragement, laughter and a voice in the hardest of times.’

Another reader says that the book saved his life. He was experiencing suicidal thoughts – but remembered two of the most popular images, in which the Horse and the Boy cite the power of asking for help – and says he held those two pages very close during the darkest moments

This is a gift that Charlie has – coupled with an amazing talent with his drawings – and the way in which he uses the characters – to illustrate the reality of life – giving hope – strength – encouragement – and even laughter – into what are often the darkest of times in people’s lives

There are so very many of Charlies quotes that I love to read – always finding them helpful – insightful – meaningful – and encouraging.

I always love it when someone recommends either a book – a podcast -a quote – or a piece of music to me – and so – as Charlies’ posts on Instagram – and his book – have inspired me – I wanted to simply pass on my recommendation to anyone who may pick up this blog post.

Blessings – Lois

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