‘Walking My Soul Back Home’

As most of you will know – I love finding quotes that fit the thoughts I am trying to convey – in my blog post.

This one really stood out for me – resonated with me – spoke to the depths within me – “A walk in nature walks the soul back home”.

I completely connect with that sentiment – for there is something about nature that draws me – enhances my senses – makes me so much more aware of the longing – and desire – not just of myself – but of God Himself – to draw close – to be at one.

So often I have described being out in nature – as my ‘cathedral’ – allowing me to feel so much closer to God – no restriction – no walls of form – or religion – rather a greater awareness of the magnitude of the great creator.

As someone once put it – “The forest is for me a temple – a cathedral of tree canopies – and dancing light”

At times like this my soul truly sings – and – there’s a sense that I also hear a response – as if- as someone once said – “He wants me – to hear Him sing”

I love that thought – that as my soul sings – it’s almost as though I can hear an echo -I can hear Him singing back .

For me this captures the whole essence of my spirituality – a connection – that is God’s desire for me – to connect my soul with His – and that is truly ‘home’.

I love the way this quote puts it – “The forest spoke to my soul – in a language I already knew – a distant lullaby – from the womb of peace and solitude”

I was made with a soul – to connect – with the divine – and the peace and solitude of nature allows me to hear that language – that lullaby – that has always resided deep within.

Free from restrictions – following His voice – as He leads me into new territory – opening my eyes to the vastness – not simply of creation – but the absolute – unimaginable – greatness of Himself – truly ‘walking my soul back home’.

Blessings – Lois

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