‘All Is Not Lost – Keep Dreaming’

Some dear friends of mine are in the process of relocating – moving not just to a new house – but to another country. As you can imagine this involves many very important decisions – and encompasses many hopes and dreams.

If you have ever moved house – you will know the frustration that can arise – when you feel as though you have found the perfect place – done all your research – made your offer – and waited – only to find that the place you had dreamt of – was not to be – leaving you with a sense that your dreams had been shattered – but – as this quote says – “If one dream should fall and break into a thousand pieces – never be afraid to pick one of those pieces up – and begin again”

And so – the search – for them – begins again! Yet – the time spent previously – has not been wasted. They did so much research – into the area – where they had hoped to live – and also recognising just the things that were important to them – in a property – and what adjustments they may need to make.

They decided that they would ‘pick up some of the broken pieces’ – recognising that – “You can’t dwell on disappointment – you’ve got to take the positives – and keep looking ahead” – and that all their research would stand them in good stead as they moved forward.

I love this French proverb – “All is not lost that is delayed” – for – how true that can be.

I’m sure I’m not alone in struggling at times with delay – wanting things to happen – when I expect – and want – them to happen – and often left feeling that in fact – my hopes – my dreams – would be lost forever.

I recognise however – that I have ‘picked up some of those pieces too’ – at those times in my life – when the dream has been shattered – and I have been disappointed – there has always been something that I have been able to hold onto – to take with me – as I have kept looking ahead – knowing that – all is not lost as I continue to dream. Blessings – Lois

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