‘The Darkest Night’

As I write this blog – I am aware that we are at that time in the year that is so important in the Christian calendar.

Whenever I reflect on Good Friday – when the death of Christ is remembered – it’s always with the advantage of knowing the end of the story – namely – the resurrection – that is celebrated three days later.

This has always provoked that sense of hope – that – “even the darkest night will end – and the sun will rise”. Or – as another quote goes – “the darkest night – is just before the dawn”

However – as I have pondered this – I have become quite aware that there are times when those ‘dark nights’ – so many of us experience in our lives – can seem to go on forever. We feel as though the night will never end – and no amount of encouragement seems to help. We simply can’t see the end – and can so often feel alone in our struggle.

On – what was the darkest night – in the life of Christ – that darkness almost overwhelmed Him – as He felt utterly alone – and forsaken – even by His father. Scripture records Him as crying out these words – “My God – My God – why have You forsaken me”.

If He could experience such ‘aloneness’ from God – His father – then – is it surprising that we can feel that way too?

I have always had a strong faith – one that is very real and personal to me – a faith that surpasses mere ‘religion’ – a connection with God that has always meant that I have never felt ‘forsaken’ – but always felt Him with me – yet – even that strong faith hasn’t stopped those ‘dark nights’ from seeming so long – and at times lonely.

I just love the words of this quote – “The dark night of the soul comes just before revelation – when everything is lost – and all seems darkness – then comes the new life – and all that is needed”.

I have found it true – that so often – experiences in life – even the dark times – when we can be faced with that sense of loss – we can learn so much. It’s as though we need those times – to discover new growth – to experience ‘the new’ – and – ‘re-immerge’ as it were – into the dawn of a new day – able to embrace all that is needed – to live a fuller – richer life – made possible through even – ‘the darkest night’. Blessings – Lois

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