‘Winds Of Change’

I can hardly believe that another month is ending – March gives way to April – and the year marches on.

As I reflect on the past month – I am mindful of the changes that have already occurred. In spite of the wind – and the rain -we’re already aware of the lengthening of the days – can observe new growth all around us – and for me – this paints a picture – of those winds blowing away the winter months – and bringing so many welcome changes with it.

I’ve been reflecting recently – just how much change occurred – with the ‘blowing in’ of the Corona virus – life has not been the same – in so many ways since then – for so many of us.

Those ‘winds’ that blew – caused so many things to change – and some of the changes are with us still.

While some were eager to get back to ‘how things were’ – others allowed the changes that occurred – to move them forward – and to give them new direction.

“Sometimes we can only find our true direction – when we let the wind of change carry us” – allow that wind to move us on -and that often takes courage – to change – to move away from the familiar – to walk on unfamiliar paths – to look out onto new landscapes – to allow those winds to carry us in a new direction.

“Change – it can be risky – it can be difficult – it can also be beautiful – and it will always show you more of yourself”.

This is certainly something that I have found to be true – for as I have allowed those winds to carry me – I have also be made more aware of who I really am – and become more honest and true to myself – enjoying the freedom that this brings.

I love this quote – “The only way to make sense out of change – is to plunge into it – move with it – and join the dance”.

Change often doesn’t make sense – it can be difficult to accept – but – as I have gone along with it – ‘plunged into it – moved with it – I have learnt to dance to the tune that is playing – and – although the steps are unfamiliar – I find that the more I simply relax into the music – the less I stress about where these winds of change are taking me – and I feel blessed. Lois

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