‘The Spring Cleaning Bug’

There are always a lot of ‘bugs’ going around at this time of year – in fact – I have a ‘cold bug’ attacking me at the moment.

However – the other day – before I realised that it was the first official day of Spring – I was hit with the ‘Spring cleaning bug’. Apparently – this first day of Spring – is reckoned to be the true time to begin that Spring clean.

I have to say that clearing out – cleaning and tidying up – are all things that I do enjoy -both indoors and outdoors.

And so – I began – recognising that to aim to get all the cleaning done inside the house now – makes good sense – before those warmer days begin – and I can move outside – to do the same.

I simply love the whole sense of anticipation that accompanies the ‘spring clean’ – it’s almost a way of getting ready – of preparing a welcome for those warmer sunny days – and my heart sings at the thought of almost coming out of hibernation – of enjoying all the changes that this next season will bring.

I love that – “Spring is a lovely reminder – of how beautiful change can truly be” – and so as we herald in this beautiful season on our calendars – I remind myself of all the ‘seasons’ that my life passes through. Each season brings it’s own challenge – but also it’s own beauty – along with constant change.

“It’s a new season – a perfect opportunity – to do something new – something bold – something beautiful”.

And so – as I continue with my Spring clean – I contemplate my own life – look to see – where change may be needed – where any area needs a good clean – where there may be opportunities to create something new – even something bold – and maybe most importantly – something beautiful.

As I write – I think of all of you – who take the trouble to read my Blog post each week – I am grateful for your support – your comments – and encouragement – and end this blog with a special blessing for you.

“May you have a new beginning – full of fresh hope – for the seasons ahead”


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