‘Make Hay While The Sun Shines’

One morning this week -the sun was shining – and it was exceptionally warm -resulting in an unexpected couple of hours that allowed me to get out into the garden.

As you will know – if you read any of my blog posts – or know me at all – I simply love being able to get out in the garden – and ‘potter’ – and as the winter draws to a close – can hardly wait for those warmer and dryer days. So out I went – and was in my element – simply just tidying up the ground – and seeing signs of growth all around me – and feeling so blessed at the ‘window of opportunity’ that had been presented to me.

It brought home to me – just how important it is to take advantage of certain things in life – and not to hesitate at taking up those opportunities that come my way – and the phrase that came to mind was – ‘make hay while the sun shines’.

This saying -was apparently considered to be an English proverb – that originated with medieval farmers. Days of sunshine were needed – to allow the hay to be cut and dried – as moisture could ruin the crop -and so it was deemed common sense – to take quick advantage of those sunny days while they lasted. Eventually the saying became a mantra for – ‘taking advantage of a good situation before it was gone’ -and to – ‘to see the opportunity – and seize it’.

It was almost like the farmers’ folksy version of the Latin phrase ‘carpe diem’ – meaning – ‘seize the day’ – but much easier and fun to say.

This quote ‘fills’ the saying out even more – “Carpe diem – Rejoice while you are alive – enjoy the day – live life to the fullest – make the most of what you have – it is later than you think”.

There are so many times when that ‘chance’ – that ‘opportunity’ – passes by so quickly – and – if I don’t ‘seize the moment’ – I could well miss it.

If I hadn’t been quick to ‘seize the moment’ – to get out into the garden – I certainly would have missed out – and quite possibly regretted missing the opportunity.

“Each day life sends you a chance to learn – grow – and step into your best – don’t miss them – some opportunities never come again – regret is a choice”

Each day presents me with opportunities – for moments – for experiences – for the chance to enjoy and make the most of so many things – and – life passes by so quickly. I don’t want to miss the chances that I am given – so I will seek to ‘make hay while the sun shines’ and seize the precious moments that I have – to live my life well – and make the most of all I am so blessed to have.

Blessings – Lois

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