‘Hold The Pen’

We all have a story to tell – the story of our lives – and every day – that story is still being written.

The following quote – prompted these thoughts – “When writing the story of your life – don’t let anyone else hold the pen”

So – I ask myself the question – ‘who is holding the pen – that writes my story’ – do I write it myself – or do I allow others to write it for me?

The more I think about it – the more important I see that it is – for me to write my own story – and – when I talk about writing my story – I don’t talk about the written word – but – the life that I live – day by day – that is the true story that I write.

The choices that I make – where I go – what I do – who I spend my time with – and – even the mistakes I make along the way – this is my story.

I want to write it well – write it true to who I am – and – as someone once said – “Your life is your story – write well – edit often”. I love that thought – that I can edit often – can ‘correct’ – move and change – the story of my life.

That’s why it’s so important – that I hold the pen – and that I remind myself that – as I am the author of my own story – “if I feel stuck on the same page – I have the power – to write a new chapter” – or – “if I don’t like where this chapter is going – it’s ok to start a new one”.

I do recognise that my ‘story’ has been – and is – influenced by many people in my life – and that is good. My life has been enriched – and continues to be enriched by others – but – how my story unfolds is for me to decide – for me to write – I own my own story – and I hold the pen that writes it.

My true story is who I am – or – as someone said – “The one thing that you have – that no one else has – is you. Your voice – your mind – your story – your vision. So write – and draw – and build – and play – and dance – and live – as only you can”.

That’s why it’s so important – that I hold the pen – and that I seek to live with integrity – and to write honestly – as my life story unfolds. Blessings – Lois

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