‘Learn The Rhythm’

I find it interesting that – often in conversation with someone – a word – or a phrase – that they use – sticks in my mind.

This happened to me the other day – when a friend used the phrase – “learn the rhythm of your dance” – and it got me thinking – wondering about the many times in my life – when I have followed the rhythm of someone else’s dance – instead of seeking to find my own rhythm.

I love this quote – “Dance to the beat of your heart – step to the rhythm of your pulse – move to the music of your soul.

That is something that I am seeking to do – to listen – to the music of my own soul – and to move to it.

As I have determined – over recent weeks and months – I am seeking to be more honest – to be more courageous – and to discover more of who I really am -and to be true to that -and move with it – or – as someone put it – “May you be true to yourself – and dance to the beat of your own soul”

There is no doubt – that the rhythm of my life has changed – and – I find these words very wise – “When the rhythm of life changes – dance to the new beat” . For me – the changes have certainly made me listen more to the rhythm of my own heart and soul – to recognise that there is a beat – that is different – and that is okay – I just need to learn that new beat – that new rhythm – that sounds in my soul,

I came across this phrase – “Rhythm is the place were body and soul collide” – and l love it when my soul – and body – move together – when the music of my soul – moves me – and I learn to move to the rhythm that I hear.

So – I continue on my journey – grateful for all that I experience -loving that – even as I get older – there is always something new – a new dance – a new rhythm – for me to learn – as I follow my heart and soul.

Blessings – Lois

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