‘My Soul Sings’

I love it – that my soul can sing – even when my body groans.

Those days when it takes a very definite effort to go out for my morning walk. When my body hurts – when its cold -and the skies are heavy with cloud – when the wind is howling – and the rain is falling – and my body would far rather stay inside and keep warm. Yet – those are so often the days when something can cause my soul to sing – my spirit soar.

It’s so important to me – for my spirit to be lifted – for my soul to sing – for when that happens – nothing else holds the same importance – for then – any physical pain – any outward discomfort – so quickly fades into the background.

I know the things that make my soul happy – and it’s important that I take the time to pursue those things – whenever I get the opportunity to do so.

For me – going for a walk almost always lifts my spirits – to feel the elements – to observe the sky – to hear the birds – to appreciate the signs of all the seasons – for – I do find beauty in them all.

I so love the signs of spring – that are showing themselves just now – the sight of the new growth – the glorious colour springing up from the dark earth – but – “To be interested in the changing seasons – is a happier sate of mind – than to be hopelessly in love with spring”.

I discover that I can find those moments – those times so precious – that make my soul sing – almost anytime – and anywhere. Sometimes they surprise me – come when I am not looking for them – and in some sense – that makes my heart sing louder – fills me with such joy – makes me want to dance.

I love this quote from C S Lewis – “We do not want – merely to see beauty – we want something else which can hardly be put into words – to be united with the beauty we see – to pass into it – to receive it into ourselves – to bathe in it – to become part of it”.

In a sense – that sums it up for me – those times when my soul sings – when my spirit lifts heavenwards – and I am drawn towards the One who created – not only all that touches me – but – created me with the ability – to truly be a part of it all.

Blessings – Lois

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