‘No Such Thing As Bad Weather’

I find it interesting how different ‘sayings’ come to mind – often prompted by very ordinary happenings in my day to day life.

This morning – as I prepared for my walk – it was raining. The forecast indicated that the rain may stop later in the day – and so I had a choice – do I go out with the risk of getting wet – or – do I wait to see if the rain stops. My choice made – I ventured out – determined to enjoy my walk – whatever the weather.

As I stepped outside -appropriately clad – and umbrella in hand – it was with this phrase in mind – “There is no such thing as bad weather – only the wrong clothes”.

Now while this sentiment can be so very true – I find the following quote much more appropriate – and meaningful – “There’s no such thing as good weather – or bad weather – there’s just your attitude towards it”.

Our attitude to so many things in life really does make such a difference.

I read this quote – “Encouraging a child to go out in all weathers builds resilience – but more importantly – it saves them from spending their life – merely tolerating the ‘bad’ days – in favour of a handful of ‘good’ ones – a life of expectations and conditions where – happiness hinges on sunshine.”

There are – and of course – always will be – ‘good’ and ‘bad’ days in our lives – and there will be times when the ‘bad weather’ masters us – “It is only in sorrow – that bad weather masters us – in joy – we face the storm and defy it”.

It’s only as I learn how to ‘view’ the storms of life – the ‘bad weather’ – that I can learn to make the most of whatever life may throw at me.

I love the picture of a child splashing through a deep puddle – and the simple truth of the quote attached to it – which says – “Childhood is a state of mind – which ends – the moment a puddle is viewed as an obstacle – instead of – an opportunity”.

The ‘bad weather’ that comes my way – or the ‘deep puddles’ – I have to walk through – can be viewed in the same way – as an obstacle – or – as an opportunity.

I’ve often quoted the following – “God didn’t promise days without pain – laughter without sorrow – or sun without rain – but He did promise – strength for the day – comfort for the tears – and light for the way”.

Experiencing His strength – and His comfort – through the storms – through those – ‘bad weather days’ – enables me to see beyond the ‘obstacle’ – to look for those ‘opportunities’ – and learn to be brave enough – to face ‘all weathers’ – and enjoy whatever each day may bring.

Blessings – Lois

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