‘Simply – Being There’

This week has been a week that has seemed full of people – people who have suffered in various degrees and in various ways. Some close friends – some people that I know slightly – and still others who I have never met – and probably never will meet

I have been moved – felt helpless – wished there was something that I could do – to alleviate the pain – to minimise the grief and loss – but in reality – there is little I can do – except to recognise the power of simply ‘being there’ – however I can – for there are times when – as this quote says “We need someone – to simply be there – not to fix anything – or do anything in particular – but just to let us feel we are supported – and cared about”

There has been the recent tragedy in Turkey and Syria – still unfolding and affecting the lives of thousands of families – and – much nearer to home – the unexpected and sudden death of a friend’s daughter – which obviously affected us even more deeply.

Added to that – there’s a friend – living far away – who has been struggling with the breakdown of a relationship – resulting in her being left alone – suddenly needing to find somewhere to stay – feeling friendless and vulnerable.

It’s hard sometimes to know how to help – even what to say – but at times like these we should never underestimate just a simple gesture of reaching out “Just being there for someone can sometimes bring hope – when all seems hopeless”.

This is particularly important when we cannot be there physically to help – but – thankfully the internet enables us to reach out in so many ways.

Of course – it’s not only during the tragedies – in the lives of others – that we should reach out. There is always the opportunity to reach out – to lift someone’s spirits – to boost their confidence – ease their loneliness.

“Too often we underestimate the power of a touch – a smile – a kind word – a listening ear – an honest compliment – or the smallest act of caring – all of which have the potential to turn a life around”

These small things can make such a difference to someone – and I need to constantly remind myself – to be more deliberate – to make more effort – to ‘be there’ – to show someone – even in a small way – that I care.

I am not always aware of someone’s struggle – may not see the ‘cloud’ they are under – but – maybe – by some small act – I can “Be a rainbow – in their cloud”.

Blessings – Lois

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