‘Being Flexible’

This week – I am having to learn to be flexible – well – more flexible in some ways anyway. It was discovered – almost two weeks after my recent fall – that I had a fracture in my right hand – and so – I now have a splint on it – which means that any use of my right hand is severely restricted.

This means that I have to do things in a different way – I have to adapt – and things may take longer – or even be too difficult for me to do – making it necessary to ask for help.

Those that know me will understand that this is all a challenge, I love being independent – in fact I can be quite stubborn at times – struggling to do things myself – rather than admit I need help.

As I was musing on the writing of this blog – I came across the following quote – “Be flexible – and open – your road is not always going to be straight and easy” – and this really made me think – pause – and reflect on it’s truth.

Life is full of twists and turns – I cannot predict what may be around the next corner – and so I do need to be prepared – to be both flexible – and open.

I guess being flexible is easier for me. I consider myself quite a master at finding ways around problems – at coming up with a solution – that enables me to stay independent. I am no so good at being open – at admitting my weakness to others – at asking for help.

This next quote puts it so well I think – and gives me food for thought – “Be strong enough to stand alone – smart enough to know when you need help – and brave enough to ask for it” – I have little problem with being strong – and even standing alone – and guess I am usually smart enough to know when I need help – but need to work more on being brave enough – or maybe just humble enough – to ask for that help,

And so – I continue to listen to life’s lessons – recognising the lessons that I have learnt well – while at the same time – taking note of those lessons that I still need to work on. I may not learn some of life’s lessons easily – or quickly – but – “I never want to stop learning – because – life never stops teaching”

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  1. A lot of us find it hard to ask for help – I do too, mainly because you don’t want to put anyone out, but sometimes we have no other choice…

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    1. loisastwood says:

      Yes – both are true. I appreciate your comments

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