‘Give It Time’

I have to confess that I do verge on the ‘impatient side’ – I want thangs to happen here and now – I’m not good at waiting!

After my fall last week – I was impatient – wanting everything to heal quickly – to not hold me back from getting on with all I wanted to do.

However – I had to recognise – that some things take time – that the knock my body received – had taken a toll – pain and bruising began to get worse as the days went by – and it was as if my body was letting me know – that it needed time – to simply recover – as this quote says – “Some things take time – stay patient and stay positive – things will get better”– and as far as my body is concerned – that was true – the pain and the bruising are subsiding – as my body has responded to the rest that it needed.

It’s a life lesson that I am constantly having to learn – certainly not something that comes naturally to me! – but something that I have seen to be true over and over again – in so many aspects of my life.

There have been times when my soul has been crushed – when my spirit has been bruised – and my emotions hurt – and I have wanted instant remedies – wanted those times of hurt – and of grief to pass – yet – I have to accept that these things take time.

Just as my physical body needs time to heal – when it suffers in some way – so does my heart – my mind – my emotions – my spirit.

And these are things that cannot be rushed – I am learning – “to stop rushing things that need time to grow”

Nature has taught me this lesson. I get so impatient – wanting my seeds to grow quicker – my bulbs to shoot out of the ground early – even sometimes wishing that the seasons would change quicker! But – “Nature dose not hurry – yet – everything is accomplished”.

I love that God – through nature and creation – never tires of showing me these lessons – if only I will take the time – to stop – to look – to listen.

Blessings – Lois

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  1. And we appreciate these things more having waited patiently for them – hopefully anyway!

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