‘Just Being Me’

My life’s journey – especially over the past months – has changed me.

Firstly – there was the death of my lovely daughter in law – and all the changes that brought to all our lives.

This was almost instantly followed by the onset of Covid – bringing restrictions – and causing isolation – from – not only people – but from many activities that I was involved in.

The journey has been hard – the going very tough at times – and yet – in the midst of it all – I have begun to learn so much more about myself – about who I am.

There has been time to stop – to think – to recognise what – and who – is important to me – to break away from things that cause me stress and to embrace only those things that allow me to be truly who I am – “Sometimes you need to be alone – in order to find out who you really are – and what you really want”

I have had to learn to be honest – with myself and others – and that’s not always easy – but I am experiencing a freedom – and an anticipation – as to where this next stage of my journey will take me.

I am finding that as I “Let myself be drawn by the strange pull of what I love – it will not lead me astray” – it is actually very freeing – as I allow myself – to be myself.

I recognise that I have always loved being by myself – to immerse myself in nature- free to think – to feel – and to connect with God. I am not distracted by a sense of needing to behave in a certain way – do things as others expect me to do – and to try to be someone other than who I really am.

I realise that – “not everyone will understand my journey – especially if they’ve never had to walk my path” – but I also know that I need to be true to myself – and be willing to be misunderstood.

I am also aware of the times when I have been guilty of misunderstanding others – when I have had no idea of the journey they were on – have not had to walk where they have walked.

I want to learn – allow life to teach me – that as I learn to be myself – I will also accept others much more readily – to see them for who they really are – and so – be able to help each other – as we continue on life’s journey.

Blessings Lois

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  1. I’m glad you’ve been able to get to that point of accepting who you are Lois.

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    1. loisastwood says:

      Thank you – a long journey – and som things just take time I guess

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