‘Choosing Gratitude’

At the beginning of this year – I made the decision to be more intentionally grateful – to choose to focus – on the good things in my life – and recognise just how fortunate I am.

I wasn’t finding it hard – there was something each day – to focus on – and paying attention to these positive things in my life really did lift my spirits.

I love this quote that says – “Gratitude is one of the sweet shortcuts to finding peace of mind – and happiness inside – No matter what is going on outside of us – there’s always something we could be grateful for”

I really did start to notice a difference – as I chose to find at least one thing to be grateful for – each day. There was a shift – inside me – a joy – that wasn’t dependant on my outward circumstances – and however ‘small’ those things that I was grateful for may seem – they caused a spring in my step and made a real difference to my day – showing me the truth that – “Gratitude can transform common days into ‘thanksgivings’ – turn routine jobs into joy – and change ordinary opportunities into blessings

Having begun this practice – of deliberately choosing gratitude however – only two days ago – my gratitude took on a different dimension – became so very real – and didn’t take any thinking about – it was instant.

I was returning from my usual morning walk – feeling refreshed – so glad to be alive – and then – I had a fall! Literally fell flat on my face in the street – and instantly feeling hurt and bruised – blood dripping from somewhere on my head – I struggled to my feet – and – that’s when – I felt so very grateful – my focus – on gratitude – rather than on any pain I may feel.

I was so grateful that I seemed to be ok – I could stand – walk – nothing appeared to be broken – gosh – how much worse this could have been!

On reaching home – I was further grateful – by the swift response from my doctors surgery – followed by an immediate visit to our small local hospital – where I was seen – and reassured – by a medical practitioner – allowing me to go home with joy and peace in my heart – feeling – so very thankful – incredibly grateful – unbelievably blessed.

So – with heartfelt gratitude – I write this blog – grateful for the opportunity – to send blessings to you all – Lois

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  1. Glenn Boyes says:

    We hope and pray for a full recovery. I can certainly relate to your ‘fall’ experience – during lockdown I had a serious accident that caused major damage to my left hand. My first thought was ‘will I play guitar again?’ and my second was gratitude – thankful that God prevented the total loss of my fingers. I can still play the guitar. Love from us both ❤️


  2. I’m glad your fall wasn’t too bad Lois, wishing you all the best for this new year.

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    1. loisastwood says:

      Thank you Andrea – it certainly could have been much worse – I am just suffering pain and bruising – plus I have a lovely black eye!
      All the best to you for this coming year – I was actually only thinking of you the other day and hope all is well – blessings – Lois

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