‘Peace – Hope – and Love’

As I sit to write this blog post – my intention is to convey my heartfelt desire – that everyone reading it would experience the true spirit of peace – hope- and love – that the Christmas story portrays – and my ‘prayer’ is this – “May the spirit of Christmas bring you Peace – the gladness of Christmas give you Hope – the warmth of Christmas grant you Love”

I am aware that Christmas means many varied things to so many people – yet for me – it’s the spirit – at the heart of this season – that is the important thing.

In the giving – and receiving of gifts – the joining together with friends and family – we have the opportunity – to both give – and take – sharing in the peace – hope – and love .

“Christmas is not a time or a season – but a state of mind -To cherish peace and good will – to be plenteous in mercy – is to have the real spirit of Christmas”

I love that quote – recognising and encouraging us to ‘cherish peace and goodwill’ – and to be ‘plenteous in mercy’

For many – Christmas can be a difficult time – many remember loved ones no longer with us – some are lonely and alone – in need of peace – hope – and love – and – to quote – “What is Christmas ? – It is tenderness for the past – courage for the present – hope for the future”

And so – I write this blog – seeking to encompass all – to let you know I think of you – as you walk through this season – however that is for you – whatever it might mean for you – may you be surrounded by that sense of the true spirit of Christmas – and feel peace – hope – and love deep within.

Love and blessings – from my heart to yours – Lois

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