‘Look For The Bare Necessities’

Life is probably far more challenging than usual for most of us – during the hard financial times we find ourselves in – I find myself challenged – to live in a way that recognises that however difficult my life may seem – I still consider myself very fortunate – and certainly do not lack the ‘bare necessities of life’.

As I was pondering on this -the song from Walt Disney’s Jungle Book came to mind – and I read this –

A bear once sang a song to me – despite being sure the bear and the song were all part of someone’s imagination – it just feels so right to me – that it was in fact the bear who gave to me the best recipe for life – when it sang “The bare necessities”

It’s hard sometimes to see beyond the worries of life – to look at what I don’t have – rather than look for all that I do have. Those ‘bare necessities’ are not denied me – I have a roof over my head – food to eat – clothes to wear – when so many in my world go without one or the other – and so I remind myself – that I really don’t have too far to look – to see how important those bare necessities are.

I find it’s good to have a sense of humour – to be able to laugh when things are difficult – something we have definitely learnt over the recent times.

And thinking of what is necessary in life – someone once said “It’s a good thing I only need the bare necessities of life – because I can’t afford anything else”

Even though I may joke – I also recognise how much I really do have – how valuable those necessities of life are -and how very blessed I am.

In the song – Baloo says – “When you find out that you can live without it – and go along not thinking about it – I’ll tell you something true – the bare necessities of life will come to you”!

There is so much in life that I have been privileged to have and to enjoy – yet – they are not all totally necessary – I can live without them – true – I might miss them – wish I had them – but actually constantly thinking about them is not helpful – instead I need to recognise how many of life’s necessities I continue to enjoy – and be gratefull.

I love how the simply things in life can speak to us – how for me – even the words of a light hearted song can inspire me – to focus on my blessings – and to look for – and be grateful for – those ‘bare necessities of life’. Blessings – Lois

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