‘The Gift Of Hospitality’

I have been on the receiving end of some wonderful hospitality this week – and my soul has been blessed. There was such a warm welcome extended by the hosts – time given for all the guests to greet one another – followed by a wonderful meal – around a table of interesting conversations.

I have to say that such times have been some of the greatest pleasures of my life – so many connections on various levels – with so many wonderful people.

This quote expresses it so well – “Hospitality is not about visual or culinary pleasantness – but about helping hearts connect” – and for me that needs to be at the heart of any hospitality – and those with the gift of hospitality incorporate that so well.

I believe we can all practice hospitality – “While the gift of hospitality is most certainly given to some – it can also be cultivated in the hearts of the rest of us” – and it’s not as difficult as many of us think – “Hospitality is about connection – not perfection”

I love that hospitality is something that is not out of my reach – that all I have to do – – is to recognise that -“Hospitality is love in action – it’s the flesh and muscle – on bones of love” – and that my love for others can be ‘fleshed out’ – given life – just as the flesh and muscle do for the bones of my body.

I consider myself so blessed – in that over the years – I have had the opportunity to extend hospitality to others – and receive so much wonderful hospitality from others too.

So – thank you – all who have used their gift of hospitality to bless me – and for those who have been courageous enough to cultivate hospitality – and to ‘flesh out’ their love to others.

Blessings – Lois

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  1. Glenn Boyes says:

    Mary and are are forever grateful , not only for your own hospitality extended to us, but also for the awesome example of true hospitality you gave to us and many others – you truly showed us ‘The Jesus Way’ . Love and blessings 🙌

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