‘When Enough Is Enough’

This morning I was peddling away on my exercise bike – something I try to do each day – when I said to myself – “enough – I need to stop before I push myself too far”.

This got me thinking of the number of times when – particularly as I have got older – I sense when – enough is enough. My body simply will not allow me to push it too far – I have had to learn to ‘pace myself’ – to recognise when I need to pause – or even to stop – “sometimes – enough is enough” – yet -there is a difference between giving up – and knowing when you have had enough.

It’s so important that I know my limits – and that applies to so much in my life – not just in a physical sense. Saying “enough” is a decision that I make – relating to many aspects of my life – and I’ve not always been good at that. I guess I have felt an obligation – not wanted to let others down – ploughed on – even when I could sense that I was struggling. I’ve pushed myself – I need to “know my limits – know when to give – know when to demand – know when to say no – know when – enough is enough”

If I fail to admit that ‘enough is enough’ then it doesn’t help me – or help others either – as this quote says – “He who knows that enough is enough – will always have enough”. By recognising my limits – I make sure that I have a reserve – which enables me to control my life better – rather than simply giving in to the demands made on me – therefore allowing me – to always have enough – not just for myself – but for others too.

It is so hard at times to admit that enough is enough – that I want somethings to change – that I feel I need to let go – or at least pull back a little – this quote is important for me – “You have to learn to say ‘No’ without feeling guilty – setting boundaries is healthy – you need to learn to respect and take care of yourself”.

I am gradually realising – that for my own sake – I sometimes may have to be prepared to be misunderstood – I guess – as this quote says that – “as you get older – you become more comfortable in your own skin – and comfortable in saying no to things – I’ve also learned that saying no – is just as valuable as saying yes”.

So – I am learning to respect myself more – to take better care of myself – and not feel guilty – when I say – ‘enough is enough’.

Blessings Lois

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