‘Your Unique Shape’

Over the past two or three weeks – I have been indulging in one of my favourite pastimes – challenging myself – with jigsaw puzzles – this is something that I tend to engage in at this time of the year – whiling away those long dark days.

The latest puzzle is composed of so many different shapes – shapes that I have never come across before – and which have presented quite a different challenge for me.

I love it how the various pieces fit together – and never resent the time it sometimes takes to find that perfect fit.

As I have been working on this latest puzzle – I have been inspired by the number of analogies to life – that I have come across.

The uniqueness of the shapes was the first thing that struck me – and how – there is always another shape that each piece fits next to.

That spoke to me of how we are all so different and unique – and yet – are part of a whole -sadly – we often wish we were someone else’s ‘shape’ – instead of accepting – and even being proud of the uniqueness of who we are – recognising that being our ‘shape’ – enables others to fit alongside.

As this quote says – “We’re all pieces of the big puzzle – just be the piece that you are – so you’re doing your part – to complete the picture”.

In realising how unique we are – we can see how we can help to make a difference in someone else’s life – which is expressed here – “You are a piece of the puzzle of someone else’s life – you may never know where you fit – but others will fill the holes in their lives – with pieces of you”

What a thought – that we are each involved in each other’s ‘puzzles’ – and often are not aware of where we ‘fit’ in someone else’s life – and what a difference – our piece of the puzzle can mean to them completing their own puzzle – I love that thought.

There have been times when I have attempted a jigsaw puzzle – and been tempted to give up – when it has seemed too hard – when I have found it difficult and frustrating – maybe there has been too big an expanse of the same colour – or it’s just not been clear which shape I need to be looking for – it’s at times like this – when I have to tell myself – “Just don’t give up”

To complete the picture – I need to keep going. How true that is to life – for there are times when the going gets tough – when we can’t seem to see the way ahead – and it seems too hard to find the way forward.

I’m so grateful for those in my life – who have provided me with the ‘missing piece’ – who have ‘fitted in’ to the puzzle of my life – and who constantly help me to continue on my journey – to complete my picture. I hope too – that I will be able to provide that missing piece to others – in the puzzle of their lives – and that we can encourage one another – to find that next piece – and keep going.

Blessings – Lois

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