‘Healing Rain’

The morning was heavy – rain clouds covered the sky – releasing the rain to fall in abundance. I had a choice to make – miss my first walk of the day – or – brave the elements – and walk in the rain.

I recalled the many times over the years – when I have chosen to walk in the rain – quite often times when I just needed to be alone – to let out my emotions – so often in times of struggle – and as I have walked – the tears have fallen – mixing with the rain – and bringing healing to my heart and soul.

As this quote says – “Rain has healing power – it can wash away your worries – and cleanse your soul”

My choice was made – I decided to get out there – and walk. I wasn’t particularly struggling today – yet – there was something about simply walking in that atmosphere – something that spoke to my soul.

I love this quote too – “May the sky remind you – that it’s ok to cry” – and I think it’s so important to release those tears from time to time. As the sky gets heavy with the storm clouds – the rain is released – and so it is in life.

Those storm clouds gather – can hang heavy over us – and the best way to bring relief – is to allow the tears to fall – to recognise that we are in the middle of a storm – and that – “tears are simply the raindrops – from the storm inside of us”.

I love it that simple everyday happenings can teach me so much – how – when I attune my soul to listen – I hear so much wisdom – enabling me to walk the path I am on – encouraged – strengthened and blessed – Lois

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