‘Finding My Way’

I was listening to a song this morning – one that I know well – and the lyrics of which I have quoted before. They struck me afresh today though – as I am very conscious of living the reality of which they speak. The song is entitled ‘Here Again’ – and the words that struck home today were – “Can’t go back to the beginning – can’t control what tomorrow may bring”

The landscape of my life has changed so much – and if I’m being totally honest – (which is something I’m trying to be these days) – then I sometimes feel a bit lost – as though I’m trying to find my way – as if I’ve landed in a strange land – and the way forward is still not clear – and I wish I could go back – go back to how things were – to the familiar – to what I knew – but – as I have just quoted – you simply cannot go back – we have no control over a lot of the things that happen in our lives – so I have to find my way again – learn how to walk in this new environment – and that is not always easy – the way is not always clear.

I have often said that one thing I am grateful for – and have always been grateful for in my life – has been the fact that I have never felt alone – there has always been One who has walked with me. The lyrics of the song then ask – for Him to meet me here again – but – I’ve not been here before – I’ve not met Him here before – I can’t simply go back to what was familiar – I need to find Him – where I am now – and that looks different.

He hasn’t changed – but I have – my circumstances have – and they have changed me. It’s hard – it’s lonely at times – but I constantly remind myself that – as the words of the song go – “here in the middle – is the place where You promise to be” – and that’s where I so often feel I am – in the middle – and it’s a strange place to be – and the place where I need to find Him – seek Him – in this new place.

I came across this ‘prayer’-and I pray it today – God – help me to see the good in the – ‘not knowing’ – the joy in the – ‘in-between’ – the meaning in – ‘the meantime’ – and that’s what it’s like – in the middle – that ‘not knowing’ – when so many questions arise within me – I need Him to help me find the good – that ‘place in between’ – when I feel lost – I need Him to help me find joy even there – and so -‘in the meantime’ – I trust Him – to help me find meaning – to move forward with confidence – even when the way isn’t clear – when the path is obscure – that I might walk with a sure step – and meet Him there. Blessings – Lois

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