‘Accept – Let Go – Have Faith

I came across a quote – the other day – that resonated with me – “Accept what is – let go of what was – and have faith in what will be”

This has been a season in my life when things have changed – and with that has come the realisation that the one thing I have to do – in seasons like this – is to ‘accept what is’.

The challenge that follows the acceptance – is to’ let go of what was’ – and that takes time -and is not always easy to do.

However – I am so thankful that I have a faith in- someone Who I can trust – and so my future – and what will be in that future – I leave in His hands.

I don’t have control over all that happens in my life – over what happens ‘outside’ – but- as this quote says – “I cannot always control what goes on outside – but – I can control what goes on inside”.

One of the things that the changes in my life have challenged me with – has been the necessity – from time to time – to relook at my life – at all that has gone before – to – I guess – re-evaluate – to take an honest look at what it is I really need to stay in my life – right now – to be willing to change – to even let go of somethings – if they are not helpful to me – are not enabling me to walk this path I find myself on.

Somethings in life are for a season – they have real purpose – the same as the people who enter our lives. I am so grateful for so many who have walked with me so far – yet I recognise that some came into my life – for a reason – some for a season – and a small number – for always.

I am grateful for those who have been in my life – given me so much – yet maybe were only there for a reason – and that was so important for me at that time.

I feel so blessed – for those who are in my life- for this season – and who walk by my side through all the ups and downs and changes life has brought to me -allowing me to be true to who I am – to be honest about my needs – giving me the freedom to choose – to work out just what I need – to take hold of those things that are helpful to me – strengthen me – and help me on my way – you hold a very special place in my heart.

And words cannot truly express my heartfelt thanks – to those who – have always – and still continue to love and support me – – even as you walk your own path – and face your own choices – “accepting what is for you – letting go of what was – and – having faith in what will be”.

Blessings – Lois

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