‘Small Changes’

The challenge of being able to pay our energy bills is very real for many of us – and so we face a challenge – what changes can we make – in order to help us to cope with the soaring costs.

Today I made a small change – which – in turn should – at least make a small difference – as this quote says – “Every small change matters”

One of my favourite places here – where we live – is our small summer house at the end of the garden. This is a quiet ‘sanctuary’ – a place to escape – to enjoy quiet – to think – to create – to indulge in my newly acquired love of painting – to continue with making my scrapbooks – and various other crafts that I enjoy.

However – as someone once said – “Sometimes you need to sacrifice something that matters to you – to offer something that matters more to someone else” – and that is so very true. So – today – (with help) – I transferred everything out of the Summer House – and brought it into the main house – managing to re-arrange a room to fit it all in! This has made it possible to work on any project – while not needing to use any extra heating.

There are many times in life when the needs of someone else – are greater than my own needs – when I need to recognise the truth – that it really so often is – ‘better to give – than to receive’.

In these times of such challenge – we all need to pull together – to be willing to ‘make those small changes’ – to look at how we as individuals can contribute – for the best of everyone.

“Everyone can do simple things to make a difference – and every little bit really does count”

This quote of course can be applied to so much in life – so often we feel that the little we can do doesn’t amount to much at all – and yet – every little bit really can – and does – make a difference,

It does help when we look at the bigger picture – “In every situation – there is always a bigger picture – and a greater purpose” – because then we can be encouraged – that the little we contribute – the little change that we bring – truly has an impact – maybe a small one – but none the less – an important one – and something with the potential to bless others.

Blessings – Lois

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