‘Showing Respect’

This past week has brought to us so many images of people coming together – to remember – and to pay their respects to our late Queen.

People have travelled – from far and near – crowds have gathered – for many hours – in order to walk past the Queen’s coffin – as her body lies in state in Westminster Chapel.

One thing that struck me – as I watched some of these scenes played out – was the diversity of the people – they were from all walks of life – of all ages – yet united in one purpose.

As these thousands of people stood in line – moving slowly forward – there was a quiet – and respect – that seemed to extend – not just in acknowledgement- and to honour the memory of the Queen – but to each other. There was a respectful silence – space given – for each person to pay their respects – in whatever way they wanted – and needed to.

I pondered on this – as I thought of the various things that draw people together – in our ordinary everyday lives. We are drawn together through shared interests – through our jobs or careers – and through our faith. Yet – how much respect do we give to one another – as we stand together – as we walk through this life – side by side.

As this quote says – “We don’t always have to agree with one another – but it’s important that we learn to respect each other”

That is so true – and I have learnt over the years – (and am still learning!) that the important thing – is not if someone agrees with me or not – but that I allow them to have their own opinions and beliefs – and to respect that – and in so doing respect them as a person too.

I love this quote that I came across – “Respect is an important thang to give – and to receive – respect shows that you think that the other person has value – and that you want to show them that”

I want my life to reflect that – to both those that I share aspects of my life with – and to each person I come into contact with daily – with those who agree with me – and those that don’t – each person matters – each person has value – and it’s important that I show that to them – and one way I can do that – is by showing them respect.

Blessings – Lois

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