‘Let Nature Speak’

Feeling a little ‘under the weather’ – and seeking inspiration for my blog post this week – I decided that the best thing that I could do – was to go for a walk. As I set off – out of the village and into the countryside – I was conscious of some words rising from within my spirit -they were simply “Let nature speak”

I knew that in order to allow nature to speak to me – I needed to quiet my mind – to still my thoughts – to simply ‘be at one’ with the nature around me – not even seeking to find ‘inspiration’ for my blog post – but to allow myself to be inspired within my soul – I needed to be patient enough – quiet enough – as this quote says – “There is a way that nature speaks – that land speaks – most of the time we are simply not patient enough – quiet enough – to pay attention to the story”

Nature always has a story to tell – she speaks to my senses – touches me – shows me – assails me with her aromas – heralds me with melodious sounds – stirring my soul – bestowing on me a sense of peace.

This quote speaks of living in each season – “Live in each season as it passes – breathe the air – drink the drink – taste the fruit – and resign yourself to the influence of the earth’

There is a preciousness about each change of season – that sense of continuity – the closing of one season – as the next one opens up – the signs of dying – alongside the hope- no – more than hope -a certainty – of new growth.

Nature didn’t let me down today – she relaxed me – as I adjusted my pace to hers – attuned my ears to hear her song – felt the freshness of the Autumn air – and drank in her beauty.

I love this quote which says – “I go to nature to be soothed – and healed – and to have my sense put in order”

And that’s just what nature did for me today – she soothed – healed and helped me to put my sense in order.

I’m thankful – to the One Who orders this wonderful nature – allowing me to not simply enjoy – but to be soothed and healed.

Blessings – Lois

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