‘We Remember’

As I prepared to post my blog today – I realised that uppermost in so many hearts and minds – would be our queen – who died yesterday.

I felt that I couldn’t let such a momentous time in our history go by – without some recognition.

First and foremost – my prayers are for the family – for although she was such a public figure – to them she was – mother – grandmother – and great-grandmother -and – will be missed so much – leaving a big void in their lives.

Of course- her passing will have various degrees of impact on so many – from all across the world – for she was not simply ‘our’ queen – but someone who was widely known – loved and respected.

However we may view the monarchy – we all remember – for the queen has been such a big part of who we are as a nation.

Out of all the photographs taken of her – I love the more informal ones – for to me – they capture the essence of her spirit – a fun-loving – caring lady – who embraced all people – who was not afraid to share her faith – while at the same time – recognising and accepting the faith of others.

It’s wonderful that she got to celebrate her platinum jubilee – sharing such a momentous occasion with the nation – allowing us all to remember her unwavering commitment and – loyalty – during her long reign – and now – those same crowds – will once again come together – this time to mourn as they remember – to pay their respects – and to say ‘goodbye’ – to a truly marvellous lady.


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