My intent- as the day began – was to draft my blog post for this week – but – guess what – I got distracted!

On opening up my computer – I was faced with a previous page I had been working on – but this was no blog page – instead it was ‘work related’ – something that needed looking at and working on – and so of course – that’s what I did.

I worked away – getting – what was a necessary job – out of the way – all well and good – until I found myself being distracted with something else – a problem that had been floating around in my mind for a while – so – what did I do – I got carried away – trying to solve the problem.

Talk about being distracted – and what I suddenly realised was that most of my morning had past by – and not a word written to begin my blog post.

This quote says – “Stay focused – ignore the distractions – and you will accomplish your goals much faster” – and of course that is very true – if I had not allowed myself to get distracted – I would have finished the draft for my blog so much quicker.

We encounter many distractions in life – and sometimes they do stop us from reaching our goals – from achieving the things we were aiming for – however – not all distractions are bad – and – “distractions sometimes look like opportunities – when you don’t know where you are going”.

That’s what happened to me this morning – I didn’t know where I was going with the writing of my blog – and the distraction that occurred – gave me the opportunity – the inspiration – to write.

Usually – to avoid distractions – especially when I want to write – I will go for a walk – “there’s nothing like the peace of the countryside – the quiet – and the lack of distraction – it helps you to focus your mind” – and so – I did just that today – simply allowing the quiet and the peace to invade my space – to clear my mind – erase all worry – ease any tension – and allow me to relax – clear of all distractions.

Blessings Lois

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