‘Making New Memories’

This past week we had a day at the coast – a part of the coast that holds many memories for us all – from childhood – through teen years and into adulthood – and a trip that we have undertaken for the past three years.

It was a great day – and we were aware that new memories were being made. This day out on this particular coast – was – in a way – a new ‘tradition’ – the making of new memories – since our beautiful daughter- in – law had died – and as those new memories were made – we were very conscious that – as this quote says – “It was an opportunity – to honour our memories – and to make room for new ones”

I so admire our son’s attitude – as he continues to face a life – that holds so many challenges for him – and – as he does so – he values all those precious ‘old memories’ – while at the same time – focusing on making new ones.

Each day does give us all the opportunity to make new memories – “Todays moments – are tomorrows memories” – and it’s by recognising this that we learn to value all that life has to offer us – whatever our circumstances are – or have been.

I find this quote quite pertinent – “Don’t let the good old days be your memory – make each day a good day – so as you are growing older – life is an adventure to be enjoyed – not a memory”

As I am getting older – there are so many memories – and I do value them all – but I certainly don’t intend to live on my memories alone – I want to move on – continue to make those new memories – making each day a good day – an adventure to be lived.

Blessings – Lois

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