‘A Daily Re-adjustment ‘

During these periods of very hot weather I have learnt that a daily re-adjustment is necessary.

The day begins- and ends – with a refreshing coolness -and I need to take advantage of those times – use them to the best of my advantage – doing the things that may prove too difficult as the temperature warms up – I simply readjust to the situation.

How true this can be in life – a quote I came across says “The art of life is a constant readjustment to our surroundings”

I love to be organised – to have a plan in mind for each day – whether that is somewhere I want to go – something I want to do – or simply a plan just to relax and rest – but there are times when my plans can be interrupted – and that is when I need to be willing to readjust – to change – to adapt.

There are times when I have no control over the circumstances I find myself in – I cannot change what is happening around me – or – as this quote says – “I can’t direct the wind – but I can adjust the sails”– it’s just that I have to be willing to adapt – to ‘go with the flow’ as we sometimes say – because even though the circumstances may be beyond my control – there is usually something that I can do to help me to move on – instead of allowing the circumstances to stop me going forward. And it’s so important that I also – as this quote says – recognise that “It’s not a failure- to readjust my sails -to fit the waters I find myself in”

There have been many times during the past two and a half years when it’s meant a great deal of readjustment for us – as a nation – as a family – and for me as an individual.

I can learn to “Re-set – re-adjust – re-start – re-focus – as many times as I need to” – whenever I need to.

As I dwell on the importance of readjusting – I recognise how this needs to be aimed at more than the things I do – I need to constantly re-evaluate and adjust – the goals I have in life – and to pay particular attention to the state of my soul – to make sure that “All is well with my soul” -and care for and nurture that part of me – that is essentially who I am.

So as I write – I challenge myself yet again – re-look at my life as a whole – and keep myself always ready to reset – readjust – restart – and refocus. Blessings Lois

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