‘In My Element’

These words – ‘in my element’ – were resounding in my mind – singing in my heart – as I worked in the garden yesterday – and my soul was filled with joy.

I found this quote – which seeks to explain what ‘being in your element’ is all about – “Being in your element is not only about aptitude – it’s about passion – it’s about loving what you do – tapping into your natural energy – and your most authentic self”

I love that – and so appreciate the times when I can – ‘tap into my most authentic self – when I do those things that make me happy – and that are the essence of who I am – who I am made to be.

I’m sure we can all relate to this quote – “When you’re in your element – your sense of time changes – if you’re doing something that you love – an hour can feel like minutes – if you are doing something that you do not love – five minutes can feel like an hour”

During my life – I have at times been involved in certain things – and felt quite ‘out of my element’ – and that can be a challenge – and certainly doesn’t bring me the same sense of joy and fulfilment.

I guess all of us have those things that we are passionate about – things that we simply love to do – yet – don’t always get the chance to ‘indulge ourselves’ – and – what joy it brings when we can do just that.

“Doing what you like is freedom – liking what you do is happiness”

I feel so very fortunate – when I can ‘do the things that I like doing’ – and there is definitely a sense of freedom – and happiness when I like the things that I do.

There are many things that bring me this sense of freedom and happiness – like – sitting in the quiet of an early morning – communing alone with the One Who made me to commune with Him – walking in Gods wonderful creation – being creative in my special space – spending time with friends where there is a ‘heart connection’ – being free to just’ be myself’.

I’m looking forward to another day in the garden – because – I know as I work – my heart will sing – my soul will soar – and happiness will spring up within me.

Blessings – Lois

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