‘The Old Red Phone Box’

There’s an old red telephone box – in the middle of our village – it stands there with pride – holding memories of times past – bringing to mind the purpose for which it existed – and although that purpose is no longer needed – it still plays an important roll in the life of the village.

I just love it – am inspired as I walk by – am grateful that someone saw potential – in this ancient red box – and also – decided to do something about it – transformed it – made it fit for a purpose – didn’t allow it to simply become an empty shell – but fitted it out with shelves – and filled it with an assortment of books – available for the villagers to borrow. It’s looked after – and cared for – and in spite of it’s age – still useful – and loved by so many.

I take great comfort from this old red box – for each time I walk by – even as fond memories surface – I am filled with joy – to recognise that it has not been abandoned and forgotten – but put to a different use – given a new meaning and purpose.

This is so important for me to recognise – as I get older – for although I may not be fulfilling the same purpose in my life that I once did – I am still the same person – still able to function – but in different ways. It does not mean that I am no longer of use – as this quote says “You are never too old – or too broken – it is never too late to begin – or to start all over again” – and I actually find it exciting and fulfilling to be able to tackle new things – adapt to new roles.

Just as someone saw the potential in the old phone box – so Someone always sees the potential un me – He re-directs my purpose – gives new meaning to the things that I can do – helps me to change and adapt – in order for Him to use me to bless others – and – ” it’s in change – that I find purpose” – as this quote says – and I feel blessed.

Blessings – Lois

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