‘Think On These Things’

During these past few days – as we were expecting – and then experiencing – such high temperatures – the news seemed to be full of ‘doom and gloom.’

So often it seems that the topic of so much news and conversation – focuses on difficulties faced -and fears of what might happen – and it’s so easy to get caught up with it all – to see our own situations – our own lives – through a negative lens.

As I walked this morning – a verse from scripture came to mind – “Whatever is true – honourable – just – pure – lovely – commendable – excellent – worthy of praise – think about these things”

It’s good to remind myself of this – to check just what I am allowing my mind to dwell on – the things that I think on – during my day – as I engage in conversation – listen to what others are saying – read reports and comments on social media.

Having that positive attitude – doesn’t mean that – “I pretend that everything is good – it’s seeing the good in everything” – and there is a vast difference – it means that I am aware that we are going to face challenges – but I chose to focus on all that is good – and all that I am grateful for.

As I have got older – I am all to aware of so many things that I can no longer do – my body simply will not allow me to accomplish as much as I could a few years ago. Now – I have a choice – I either dwell on the things I cannot do – or – choose to think on all the things that are still possible for me to do.

This applies to so much in my life – and it’s always a choice. There have been hard times – loss -sadness – grief – yet – if I chose to think – not solely on those things – but see the good that surrounds me – family and friends – kindness and love – my spirit is free – and I can walk each day – with confidence.

So today – seeing the heavy cloud – I focus – not on the fact that I miss that morning sun – but rather see the promise of much needed rain – and as I am aware of the pain in my body – I rejoice that my spirit soars – as I look to the One Who is ‘true- honourable – just – pure – lovely -commendable – excellent – and worthy of praise’ – and I think on Him – Blessings – Lois

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