‘Live In The Present’

I woke this morning – with a phrase going through my head – ‘Leave the past – and live in the present’ and I found it very pertinent – as I switched on my computer – to discover that the draft I had written yesterday – for this blog – had disappeared again. This was the third time that this had happened – and – had that phrase not been on my mind – I guess I would have been sitting here feeling very frustrated – and going over all the lost time.

I know this might seem a rather trivial thing to some people – especially in the light of many of things that happen – really hard experiences – traumatic times – painful moments – but all the same – I have learnt that I do need to apply this principle to everything that happens – whether great or small.

I remind myself – that what is past – is past – and there is nothing that I can do about it – other than maybe learn a lesson or two – and so I need to put all my concentration into getting on with the present time that I am in.

As this quote says ‘Don’t cry over the past – don’t stress about the future – it hasn’t arrived – live in the present – and make it beautiful’

There are no guarantees for the future – the past is gone – but I do have today – and I can take hold of that – shape it – use it – enjoy it – and seek to be the best I can be.

So I ‘breathe – let go – and remind myself – that this very moment is the only one I know for sure that I have’

I type yet again – with a hope that this time I will be able to send this blog post – but if for some reason my computer decides to refuse to work – then I will smile – put it away – and simply get on with my day – thankful that I do have the present to live in.

Sending blessings to you all and praying you will enjoy this day – Lois

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