‘The Value Of A Simple Message’

This past week we celebrated our 56th Wedding Anniversary – and for me – one of the things that made it special – was reading all the messages – sent by so many people.

The variety was amazing – friends from far and wide – friends from many years ago – and recent ‘new friends’ – people who have shared so many different times with us – in many different places – but – all have one thing in common – they walked with us on our life’s journey – added value – passed on wisdom – laughed – and cried with us – and will always remain a part of who we are.

So – this weeks blog post is my way of saying ‘thank you’ – not only for the messages – but for being a part of my journey too.

Now I know some people may think that it’s ‘no big deal’ to send and receive simple messages these days – and – in some ways they are correct. It doesn’t take a lot of effort to press a few keys and send a message on social media – but – the important thing for me – is that the message has been sent by someone who has not forgotten our journey together – however long or short that might have been.

It’s also a reminder for me too – bringing into focus names and faces of many wonderful people – and that is special to me.

These messages have blessed me -and not only messages received on our special day – but messages sent to me all through the year. So please be encouraged to never underestimate the value of even a simple message – you can truly bless someone and make their day – not only on ‘special days’ but you can bring joy and encouragement any day of the year.

As always – as I write my blog – I’m challenged – pause to think about the part I play in all of this – recognise that I need to be more intentional – reach out more often – as there is definitely ‘value in a simple message’.

Blessings – Lois

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