‘Drop Words Of Kindness’

I came across this phrase – which I had jotted down some time ago – “Drop words of kindness on yourself” – and it spoke to my heart.

It made me think – how so often I’m hard on myself – speak harsh words – critical words – instead of speaking kindly to myself.

I tend to focus on the negative – see the flaws – far more than I see the good.

Maybe it’s time I was kinder – accepted my faults – even laughed at them sometimes.

I guess I’m better where other people are concerned – find it easier to ‘drop those words of kindness’ to them – to see beyond their flaws – to be more light hearted – to laugh.

But – as the mole – in one of Charlie Mackesy’s illustrations says – “Being kind to yourself is one of the greatest kindnesses”

Or – as someone else put it – “Be kind to yourself – and then let your kindness fill the world”

I love that thought – and am beginning to recognise the importance of it – to see how – in order to be truly kind to others – I first need to be kind to myself – to accept myself – allow myself to be who I am – rather than to put myself under pressure – to be who I think others – maybe think I should be.

And so – I have decided – to “give myself permission – to be kind to myself” – to guard against being too hard on myself – accept myself – yet – even more than that – to like myself more – to believe in myself – and to remember to “drop those words of kindness” – into my own heart.

Blessings – Lois

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