‘Sharing Life’s Journey’


I’ve just had a few days away – spending them with a friend I had not seen for about 23 years – and it’s been such a special time.

Apart from the many trips out – long walks – conversations on numerous topics- all interspersed with much laughter – the main value for me – was simply to be able to share freely – to know that I could relax and ‘be myself’.

Sharing my heart – allowing my friend to see into my soul – was so very precious – providing me with the opportunity to share my life’s journey – joys and sorrows – without the fear of being misunderstood – or judged – especially for where I am on my journey at the moment.

At the same time – I was able to hear of her journey – get to know her in a more intimate way – and to identify with her struggles – the ups and downs in her life.

There was a wonderful freedom – in simply ‘walking together’ – a mutual acceptance of each others circumstances and situation – not needing to ‘fix things’ – not even needing to be fully understood – but simply to be together.

As I pondered on this – I was also aware – that there must be many others – that I know – that may be longing to share their heart – but are afraid of being judged – those who need someone to trust – maybe even someone to just be there – to walk alongside .

I am so very grateful that there is One Who has been with me – walked with me -all through my life – with whom I have bared my heart and soul – never feeling judged – but allowed the freedom to walk at my own pace – in my own way – and simply know I am loved.

He also understands that we need one another – He puts us together – to help and support each other – to encourage and bless – to walk through life’s journey together – to simply ‘be there’ for one another.

So – as I reflect – so grateful for all I have received from being with my friend this past week – I pray that I will be more aware of the needs of others – to understand the value of simply ‘walking alongside’ – allowing them to tread their path – in their way – and in their time – and give them my love and support.

Blessings Lois

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