‘An Excellent Service’

I was recently planning a trip- on a long train journey to visit a friend – the journey entailed changing trains at one of the biggest train stations in the UK – so I was quite nervous about that prospect – and also the fact that it’s simply impossible for me to carry and lift my suitcase – I needed help.

I was told of a service that I could call upon – one that I didn’t know existed – it offered assistance for travellers – who had any form of difficulty when travelling on their trains – so I made enquiries – booked that assistance for my journey – and waited to see how things worked out.

I was not disappointed – in fact I was very impressed with the help I received. Someone was there waiting for me when I arrived at the station – greeted me warmly – took charge of my case – escorted me to the correct platform – then onto the train – making sure I was comfortable in my seat – before leaving me.

On arriving at the station – where I needed to change trains for my onward journey – I didn’t even have to look for my assistance – for there already at the carriage door – was yet another warm and friendly rail staff member – ready to take my case and escort me to the platform where the train would arrive to take me to my destination. Once again – they made sure that both my luggage and myself were safely on board – before bidding me a safe journey.

Ready to disembark – as my journey came to an end – I was once again made to feel very welcome – given all the assistance that I needed and helped all the way to where my friend was waiting for me.

This experience left me feeling blessed – and grateful – having received so much assistance with warmth and grace – an excellent service that I cannot praise enough.

Now – you might say that these people were only doing their job – that the rail staff were paid to do it – and yes – that is true – but what is also very true is that they performed their duties with excellence- that is what made this an excellent service for me.

This quote caught my eye “Excellence is to do an ordinary thing – in an uncommon way” and I love that – it’s something that I want to do in my life – and what these people were doing – and I was blessed.

It was an important reminder to me – to walk through my life in such a way that I might bless others by my ‘excellence’ – by the way that I treat them – with warmth and dignity – not through any sense of ‘duty’ – but because it is from my heart – a heart touched by the amazing love of God.

Blessings – Lois

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