‘Take A Moment’

One day – while visiting my friend in Scotland – we found this large stone – at the top of a hill – and the words written on it resonated with me

Take a moment to behold

As still skies or storms unfold

In sun – rain – sleet or snow

Warm your soul before you go

It was interesting to stand there – looking at the view – on what was a cloudy day – wondering what that same view would look like – if a storm was raging with rain lashing down and thunder roaring – or how it would look if the landscape before me was snow covered – transforming the whole scene.

I realised that whatever the weather – however different that landscape might look – there would still be ‘a beauty to behold’ – it could still have the same power to ‘warm my soul’ – for the landscape itself would remain the same – the hills – the valleys – the pathways – were the constant – not moved by the elements around them.

The words – that I read on those stones – were important – they were pertinent – not just to the view spread before me – but in fact – to life itself.

It’s so very easy for me – to allow ‘the weather’ to colour how I view the landscape of my life – to be focused on the ‘storm’ – or even be taken up by the ‘stillness’ – in my life – omitting to see the ‘view’ – to recognise the hand of God in my life – to see that He is the one constant – He never changes – and He keeps me standing firm too – in spite of what may be happening around me.

That’s why it’s good for me – to take ‘that moment’ – to drink in the view – to ‘take time to behold Him’ and allow the thread of His goodness and kindness to ‘warm my soul’.

Blessings Lois

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