‘Live Honestly’

I’ve been thinking a lot recently – about just what is means to ‘live honestly’ – to have the courage to ‘show up – and let myself be seen’.

So much of the time I ‘put on a front’ – smile through my pain – pretend all is ok – when it truly isn’t.

There are times of course when it’s simply not appropriate to ‘bare all’ – when I have to walk my journey – with a brave face – keep my feelings hidden – mainly for the sake of others – yet I am learning that it’s not always healthy – and not truly honest either.

As this quote says – “Honesty is more than not lying – it is truth telling – truth speaking – truth living – and truth loving”

I can hide behind excuses – instead of daring to speak the truth – but if I want to live honestly – I must be prepared to be honest in all things – and at all times.

It sometimes seems easier to simply ‘avoid’ the truth – often through a sense that others will not understand – but – if I hide how I feel – what I believe even – I’m not being honest – or keeping it real.

A quote I came across really made me think – “Be kind – be brave- be honest – be creative – be humble – be thankful – be happy – be you”

I can seek to be all of those things – find some easier than others – but the most important one for me – is – ‘to be me’ – for that is surely real honesty.

I run the risk of being misunderstood – make myself vulnerable – but the result for me is so freeing – to learn to truly relax – accept ‘who I am’ – and ‘where I am on my journey’ – seeking to live ‘in truth’ – as honestly as I can.

Blessings – Lois

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