Excitement and anticipation built up – as we set off on a nostalgic trip – going back to a place where we had spent many happy years.

I would see the sea. How I missed it – longed for the sight of it – the sounds – the smells – I recalled so vividly.

I would see friends from those days – many not seen for years – catch up with their lives – reminisce together – laugh – revisit precious moments – hopefully strengthen the ties that have remained between us.

I have to say – that the trip did live up to my expectations – it was a great time – and yet – I was pleasantly surprised that my nostalgia was but full of wonderful memories.

Nostalgia is described as – ” a sentimental – or wistful yearning – for the happiness felt in a certain place – time – or situation”

I had expected to be filled with that yearning – for those days again – to feel that all I missed of those times – still pulled at my heart – left a longing in my soul – instead I felt a deep contentment – life had moved on – and I was happy with my lot.

I came across this quote – which I find so true – “A satisfied life is better than a successful life – because our success is measured by others – but our satisfaction is measured by our own soul – mind – and heart”

I find myself ‘satisfied’ – my soul at peace – my heart at rest – enjoying those reminders of times gone by – many wonderful times – over many happy years – and grateful for them – while feeling content with my lot – and so grateful to God – for new opportunities – new situations – that continue to add a richness to my life.

Blessings – Lois

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