‘Poor Connection’

It was early morning – and here I was in my special place – all set up to write my blog for this week- when I encountered a problem. The problem wasn’t lack of inspiration – but rather the fact that I couldn’t get an internet connection – so – I reluctantly came inside – found a connection – but was then distracted by the sounds and movements of others. So there was only one thing to do – and that was to move yet again – so out I went into the quietest part of the garden – where I found both a connection – and a lack of distraction.

As I then began to write – I realised that the mornings experience had – as so often – given me inspiration – enabled me to see a parallel – as I pondered – that I do sometimes encounter similar difficulties with my connection to God.

There are times when the connection seems to fail – the signal is weak – I struggle to connect – yet I recognise that it’s never God Who has moved – rather that maybe I need to move – to change my position – move away from the things that would hinder – stand in the way – or simply distract me – as this quote says -“If you feel far from God right now – guess who moved – you’re only a decision away from reconnecting”

Circumstances in my life can get in the way – interfere with the signal – even my surroundings can affect my connection – and I need to recognise that sometimes I may need to make a real effort – change where I am – how I am seeing things – in order to make the connection strong and clear.

Even as I continue to write – the connection has gone again – which forces me to make another move – to search a better spot – yet – having just found that – I am almost at once interrupted by family moving around and chatting – all very good normally – but a real challenge to me just now – emphasising for me that so often – when something is important to me – and – for me – I have to be prepared to make a true effort – for – to quote – “Nothing worth having was ever achieved – without effort”

Blessings Lois

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