‘Embracing The Elements’

The forecast had been correct – so I wasn’t really surprised when a dull and wet outlook was there to greet me – the other morning,

It was strange though – that my first thought was that I would go out for a walk – in the rain. Usually  I would rule out a walk – deeming it too cold and wet – and decide to give it a miss.

There was something about the rain that day – it drew me – invited me – and I guess in a way challenged me – so – I made up my mind that I would rise to the challenge – I would embrace those elements – and I would go for that walk,

As I set off – the rain was light – gentle and even refreshing on my skin – the wind blew through my hair – as I began to walk out into the countryside.

Freshness surrounded me – everything seemed to shine with new brightness – even in the gloominess of the day. Scents seemed stronger – the birds sang – there was joyful life all around.

I had not covered much distance however – when the rain became heavier – the wind blew stronger causing me to fasten up my rain hood – seeking to protect myself – as I was suddenly pounded with small hail stones.

I had a challenge to face – either I could bemoan the fact that I had chosen to walk in the rain – or embrace whatever the weather decided to throw at me – I decided the latter – and loved it – ending up feeling refreshed and revitalised.

I love this quote –“Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass – it’s about learning to dance in the rain” – I didn’t quite ‘dance’ in the rain – but my soul sang.

Many times I have to make my choices in life – decide just how I am going to respond to the challenges that cross my path – do I seek to avoid them – or do I embrace them – rising to the challenge that they present – allowing the ‘winds and rain’ to pummel me -as I walk confident in the One – who not only walks each step with me – but protects me – cheers me – and refreshes me – even in the middle of the storm.

I love that God shows me so much in my day to day life – how He reveals Himself to me – encourages me – blesses me – and enables me to embrace whatever elements cross my path.

Blessings Lois

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