‘The Gift Of Friends’

This past week I had the wonderful opportunity to meet up with old friends – not seen for a very long time – and it was so good.

It seemed we had only been apart for a short time – that special bond held strong – those times spent together – moments shared – laughter and tears – hopes and dreams – a true gift from God – that is forever treasured.

However – there came a time when our paths parted – our lives went on – yet the journey of life was still shared.

As this quote says –“A true friendship is a journey – without an end” – and that is so true.

It was so wonderful – to be able to meet up on that journey – to continue to walk through life together – the years in between melting together – seemingly leaving no gaps – the flow of friendship strong and sure.

I feel so blessed – to have met many wonderful people – who have become such good friends over the years – our paths have crossed – many times we’ve had to face separation – to leave each other – move away – that’s been hard – and yet – those friendships remain strong – for such friends are impossible to forget.

I’m so grateful for the times when I get to renew those friendships – to meet up again – share so many memories – and of course – make new ones too.

My heart is full – and I thank God – for all the friends He has ‘gifted’ to me over the years – I treasure each one – holding them close to my heart – and remembering them – for they will never be forgotten.

Blessings Lois

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