Over the wintertime the fence at the front of our house has gradually continued to decay.

When we first moved here – 17 months ago – we repaired the broken fence as much as we could – and gave it a coat of paint – however – we knew then – that this would only be a temporary measure. It was pointless trying to repair again – as a lot of the wood had rotted – so the decision was made to have a new fence,

We wanted a white picket fence – but to enable that to happen – we knew it would entail quite a bit of work – as once the fence was in place – it would need two or three coats of white paint – however – as I enjoy this kind of challenge – and was up for it – we went ahead with the project..

For three days I was outside by 7:30am until late afternoon – painstakingly painting that fence – appreciating the quiet – broken only now and then by friendly neighbours passing by.

We were so pleased with the transformation – when the job was finished – it made such a difference to the appearance of the house itself – and was well worth all the time and effort.

Of course – for any transformation to take place – there has to be a certain amount of time given – and effort expended – but – as this quote says “transformation isn’t a future event – it’s a present day activity” – it’s something I need to work on everyday – if I want my life to be changed – improved upon.

I guess that a lot of the changes – and transformations – that I want in my life – are not visible to others – at least – not as visible as the transformation of our fence.

A lot of the transformations take place over time -and do need working on constantly – but how glad I am that I don’t have to do all the work on my own – there is One Who is constantly by my side -and without whose help – these transformations could not take place.

I can’t remember all the words of an old song we used to sing – but the words that come to me as I write are these – “from glory to glory – He is changing me – changing me – and transforming me” – and as scripture says “We are being transformed – from glory – to glory”

My hope and prayer is that others can see changes in me – for the better of course! – and that instead of seeing decay – there will always be signs of new life – of changes for the better – that will enhance – not just my life – but the lives of others.

Blessings – Lois

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